V-Support Series

Young people are the future masters of our society

We have launched V-Support Program for around two and a half year with an aim to liaise with different local organizations to gather our power to build our future masters a better community! We provide a series of training including mock interviews, job shadowing, career talks, and mentorship programs to train up our young generation to identify clearer career goals and start better career planning. At the same time, we serve as an excellent platform for our members to share their working experience and industry insights with students through interactive sharing and learning. Thanks to the support from local district council,  different youth organisations and secondary schools, OVER A THOUSAND of secondary school students have experienced our services. Our program was recognized in JCI WORLD LEVEL and received awardsin 2015 ASPAC as The Most Outstanding Local Project and The Best Local Skill Development Program.


For 2019, our first mock interview will be held at Ma On Shan St. Joseph Secondary School with the full support of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui on 26 January 2019.


On the other hand, we actively work with Sha Tin Youth Service Corp to provide job interview training workshops and mock interview sections for students coming from different secondary schools.


We hope to gather power among chapters in helping youngsters on their career development. There will be up and coming mock job interview workshops and activities. Please stay tuned!

We are looking forward to your continued support in our future activities.