Leadership Development

We offers leadership workshops and training programs on goal setting, time management, public speaking, parliamentary procedure, protocols, etc. for members. Thereby, equip our members with necessary techniques to become future leaders of our community.
Flagship Project – V-Support Series 2016

“Young people are the future masters of our society”

JCI Sha Tin has launched V-Support Program for around two and a half year. Thanks to the support from local district council,  different youth organisations and secondary schools, OVER A THOUSAND of secondary school students have experienced our services. Our program was recognized in JCI WORLD LEVEL and received awards in 2015 ASPAC as The Most Outstanding Local Project and The Best Local Skill Development Program.

This year, the focus of our program is Empowering the Youth!  On 20 February 2016, our first mock interview was successfully at Ma On Shan St. Joseph Secondary School with the full support of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui. More than 70 students attended the event. Positive feedback was received from students, teachers and social workers.



In addition, we encourage members “learn by doing”, in other words, they are highly encouraged to gain practical experiences through participating in different projects.

Protocol in everyday’s life

What should you do…

  • when it comes to saying hi.  Where should you put your name badge?
  • when it comes to dine.  Who get to sit at the head table?
  • when it comes to saying cheese. Who get a seat at the front in a group photo?
In our everyday’s life, protocol is all around us.  Practice makes perfect.  You can also be an expert in protocol if only you keep trying.  Join us on 31 May to learn you can put protocol in your everyday’s life.