International Affairs

JCI organizes the World Congress and Asia Pacific Conference (ASPAC) every year. It offers an excellent opportunity to our members to develop friendship and exchange JC experience with other overseas JC members.
Also JCI promotes the establishment of permanent relations among LOMs of different nations by twinning as sister chapters in Area Conference.

We maintain sister chapter relation with JCI Wakayama, Japan ( Also we have a friendly relation with Jiangmen Youth Federation

On 23 May, 1992, we signed the Sister Pact with Wakayama Junior Chamber (now Junior Chamber International Wakayama) in Japan. In 1995, the Sister Pact was renewed on a permanent basis.
In 1995, we and Wakayama Junior Chamber jointly organized the project “Japanese Students Summer School in Hong Kong”. In 1996, the student winners of the project “Young Environmental Scientists Competition” visited Wakayama City for environmental and cultural experience exchange.
In July 1998, we firstly visited Jiangmen Youth Federation and initiated relationship development. In July 2000, Jiangmen Youth Federation, Wakayama Junior Chamber and us jointly organized a 3 days and 2 nights environmental protection and cultural exchange camp for 60 Form 1 to Form 3 students, with 20 students from each area, in Jiangmen, China.

In 2002, it was the 45th Anniversary of Wakayama Junior Chamber and the 15th Anniversary of us. On August 18, 2002, we signed the Friendship Pact with Jiangmen Youth Federation during the 15th Anniversary Banquet of us in Hong Kong.

2012 was a special year. Members of JCI Wakayama joined our 25 silver jubilee anniversary banquet, and we also joined JCI Wakayama 55th Anniversary banquet. It was a historical moment.