Dragon Boat

The most attracting and exciting water sport in JCI Sha Tin is Dragon Boat Competition. JCI Sha Tin has assigned our own dragon boat team to compete in the public races on the Dragon Boat Festival in June. Different from the other dragon boat competition, we race in the ShingMunRiver where it is the most famous venue for dragon boat competition in Hong Kong, with thousand of passionate people watching and screaming along the riversides for the dragon boat teams!


With the carnival atmosphere there, it is not hard to find different countries paddlers sitting in the same boat, enjoying the 600 meters dragon boat games on this Chinese traditional festival with us.

JCI Sha Tin provides professional dragon boat trainer for the public competition. We start our training at Pak Shan Wan (Sai Kung) in March/April until June. It is a great opportunity for people to experience this amusing dragon boat activity, let’s enjoy the fun and team works together!!

Dragon Boat has always been a great sport that not only inherits Chinese traditional culture, but also is a great challenge for our JCI members to train up their tolerance and teamwork spirit.

This year, JCI Sha Tin Dragon Boat Competition was held in Sha Tin Shing-Mun River on 9th June 2016. It was our pleasure to have more than 40 participants from more than 10 affiliated chapters who have great contribution in both training and competition. Moreover, we are proud to have NOM members to be part of the dragon boat team this year. During the competition, all of us strive for excellence with our full capacity, which is also consistent with our JCI Sha Tin motto – Be Transcending.

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