Community Development

Through various community development programs, members identify social needs and issues, develop projects to improve the well-being of the community and thereby enhance awareness and sensitivity on community problems. With its good relationship with the Shatin District Office, District Board, Social Welfare Department (Shatin) and other community organizations, JCIST focus its community development projects on Sha Tin district, and sometimes also on the whole Hong Kong community.

With the continuous success of our flagship project – Love of the Earth, this year we will take a further step to a recently alarming social problem – Food Waste to educate the public about one’s responsibility and knowledge on reducing food waste on a daily basis.

The following prominent projects were organized in the past:


“Love of the Earth 2017 –  Show your love, No Insects Repellent”


“Love of the Earth 2016 –  Carbrexit”


“Love of the Earth 2015 –  Save the Earth 惜物減廢,由我做起”


“Love of the Earth 2014 – Cherish Food, Cherish Life”


“Love of the Earth 2013 –  We Love our Leftover”


“Love of the Earth 2012 –  Know Carbon, No Carbon 識碳,熄碳”


“Love of The Earth 2011 – 沙田環保十景選舉”


“Love of The Earth 2010 – 10th – Anniversary – 構建夢想”
2006 “Love of The Earth 2006” – Caring Hong Kong Environment Digital Production Competition
2005 “Love of the Earth 2005” – Digital Production of Hong Kong Nature Competition, Environmental Exchange Camp with Jiangmen Youth Federation of China and Wakayama Junior Chamber of Japan

 2004 “學校創意營運體驗計劃” – jointly organized with YMCA and support from Training Development Council and Senior Member Club
2003 “Sailing Through Waves”
2002 “2002 Healthy Life Series”


“Beautiful Life 2001” Single Parent Families project jointly organized with Sheng Kung Hui Ma On Shan (South) Children and Youth Integrated Services Centre


“Love of the Earth 2000” jointly organized with Jiangmen Youth Federation of China and Wakayama Junior Chamber of Japan