About Us

Junior Chamber International Sha Tin (JCI Sha Tin) is the 17th Local Organization Member (LOM) affiliated to Junior Chamber International Hong Kong. JCI Sha Tin was formed on 25 October, 1987. We are one of the few local Chapters with strong connection and close relationship with local district and region.

Since its establishment in 1987, JCI Sha Tin has proactively responded to challenges in the community, help to generate awareness on important social issues which have and impact on our daily lives. The organization’s objective is to provide development opportunities to empower people to create positive change through Individual Development, Community Development, International Affairs and Business Affairs.

Honorary Patron:
Miss. Amy Chan, JP (Sha Tin District Officer)

Honorary Advisors include:
Mr. Ho, Hau-cheung, S.B.S., MH (Chairman of Sha Tin District Council)
Mr. Thomas C.W. Pang, S.B.S., JP (Vice-Chairman of Sha Tin District Council)

Honorary Auditor:
Mr. Ted Ho & World Link CPA Limited

Honorary Legal Advisor:
Mr. Tony Kan, S.B.S., JP

Past Presidents of JCI Sha Tin:
Mr. Norman Cheng 1988
Senator Peter Lo 1989
Mr. Stephen Zang 1990
Mr. Alex Wan 1991
Ms. Anne Anita Cheung 1992
Mr. Herman Lee 1993
Mr. Sunny So 1994
Mr. Victor Cheung 1995
Senator Ka Yue Leung 1996
Senator Iris Ip 1997
Senator Ocean Wong 1998
Senator Betty Lau 1999
Senator Norm Lau 2000
Mr. Tony Wong 2001
Ms. Grace Kwok 2002
Senator Leung Wai Cheung 2003
Senator Migi To 2004
Ms. Jessie Chan 2005
Ms. Novel Ho 2006
Senator Jojo Kong 2007
Ms. Perry Chow 2008
Mr. Alec Yeung 2009
Senator Lena Wong 2010
Senator Ronald Kan 2011
Ms. Monique Man 2012
Senator Sam Chan 2013
Senator Priscilla Wan 2014
Senator Kelly Ngan 2015
Mr. Raymond Ng 2016
Mr. Kendrick Yuen 2017